Exercise and Physical Activity

Hiking in Cama Beach Historical State Park

It’s always a joy to have the opportunity to visit a different place. I’m currently visiting the beautiful Washington State, one of my favorite destinations. This trip, I’m staying in Redmond (located 15 miles East of Seattle) and rented a car for my adventures.

I love Seattle and its vicinity for many reasons, but I’ll focus on just one of them today! There are so many beautiful local and state parks to explore. Within the parks are often opportunities to find hiking trails.

Hiking is a fun and unique way to work in some excellent cardiovascular exercise. To lower blood pressure naturally, I aim to do 30 minutes of exercise daily. Having the opportunity to hike breaks up the monotony of the daily neighborhood walk. In addition, hiking helps to improve your balance and agility as it challenges your body to move in different ways than just walking on flat ground.

I drove to Cama Beach Historical State Park and cherished a lovely hike on the Bluff Trail which connected to the Marine Trail. Beautiful views of lush green forest foliage leading to sparkling blue waters sure made exercising for lower blood pressure great fun today!

You’ll find a few photos from the hike below! Are you a fan of hiking? What’s your favorite place to hit the trails?

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