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Meditation and Drawing to Lower Blood Pressure

HAPPY FRIDAY!!! We made it to another weekend! I hope you had a fairly good week. Today, I was grateful to take some time to meditate and also do some drawing. Drawing tends to bring me to a state of relaxation where I can push a lot of thoughts out of my head; which is why I draw along with meditating. If you’re interested in 3 easy tips for beginners to meditation, check out my post! Also, the related posts section at the end of this page has more on mental health, art, and anxiety.

So, can meditation lower blood pressure? The exciting answer is YES! Let’s explore a quick summary of how this might happen!

How Does Anxiety Affect Blood Pressure?

How Does Meditation Lower Blood Pressure?

  1. Meditation can help bring about the relaxation response in your body. That is the opposite of the stress-induced fight-or-flight response. For example: if you encounter a mountain lion on your hike, your body is likely to go into the fight-or-flight response with a high heart rate, elevated blood pressure, etc. As you can see, anxiety and the reaction in your body is protective. It’s getting you ready to go! However, in many people with too much daily anxiety (including me!), this response comes on way too often. Thus, finding ways to lower the anxiety can help to lower blood pressure naturally.
  2. Meditation can trigger blood pressure to go down as your body relaxes. The inflammation and blood vessel narrowing that happens during anxiety and stress decreases. The blood vessels widen. Blood pressure lowers naturally. This might be related to a molecule called nitric oxide (in addition to other ones), that help blood vessels to widen and relax.

More research is always beneficial and as I come across relevant research, I will be sure to share it with you! For me personally, I meditate 10 minutes, twice a day. Here is one of my favorite free apps that I use for meditation!

Below is the art that I made today after my 10 minute meditation. Have you ever meditated before? I would love to hear about your experiences or any questions you may have!


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    • I’m so happy to hear this! It took me a long time to understand the benefits. I kept on searching for how meditation was going to “solve my problems” but at some point it hit me that there will always be problems. Meditation brings me back to the present, allowing me to treasure it for what it is.

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