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Watermelon, a Heart Healthy Summer Treat!

HEY GUESS WHAT! Summer is here, it’s super hot, and IT’S WATERMELON SEASON!!!! Haha okay I will now stop shouting at you in all caps. Seriously though. Are there any other watermelon fans out there?!

I get really excited about watermelons, because I genuinely think they taste refreshing, sweet, and delicious. When my sweet tooth starts calling my name, enjoying a crispy cold bowl of watermelon does the trick!

Okay, let’s get to the point. If you’re wondering, which fruit is best for high blood pressure? Is watermelon healthy if I have high blood pressure? Wonder no further! Let’s discuss the heart healthy benefits of watermelon!

Heart Healthy Benefits of Watermelon

  • Watermelons have high levels of lycopene (the natural compound that gives watermelon the red color). Lycopene can help to prevent cell damage, lower cholesterol and decrease arterial plaque. Both cholesterol and arterial plaque can weaken your blood vessels in the long run, so lycopene is a helpful friend.
  • Watermelon is a good source of potassium, which can play a role in lowering your blood pressure. As I’ve mentioned before, be mindful if you have potassium restrictions in your diet. Please check with your doctor.
  • Watermelon is an incredible source of hydration. It is 92% water! When your body’s cells are lacking water, the blood vessels get more narrow which can raise your blood pressure. So, you do want to stay well hydrated, especially in the hot summer months!

There are many other health benefits of eating watermelon, but I’ll stop here for today, so your eyes don’t get tired from reading!

Now while I get back to my yummy bowl of watermelon, please tell me your watermelon stories! Any special memories associated with them? Do you just eat them as chunks like me or do you have a beloved recipe? Yes it’s true. I like talking about watermelons. Haha! Have a great and heart healthy day!


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  1. Watermelons is summer. It’s not often we get a hot summer like this year but when we do.. oh boy. Watermelon everywhere! Doggo and I share and having a great time.

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  2. In Japan, watermelons get huge fans from pregnant women while they are suffering morning sickness. We have smaller kinds or ready-to-eat watermelons at grocery stores so they should be ok choosing one, but I’m in the US, I see huuuuuuge ones only🤣 (Well I’m not pregnant, but wonder if I’d get the right one haha)

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    • How interesting!!! I had no idea that watermelons can help with morning sickness! I’m in the US too. Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your town? That’s where I bought this little yellow watermelon! They have smaller cantaloupes too!

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