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Dining at a Friend’s House when You Have High Blood Pressure

Today, I wanted to talk about how challenging it can be to participate in social activities when you have dietary restrictions. How do I eat low sodium at my friend’s house?? Humans are social creatures. We have get-togethers for almost everything. Birthdays, graduations, job promotions, you name it! It’s so much easier to control what you’re eating when at home, but if you’re going over to a friend’s house, there’s the complication of unexpected food AND the social pressures of eating whatever everyone else is eating.

If you’re dining out with your friend, check out my post with some helpful tips.

Now if your friend is hosting the dinner party in their home, there are some different considerations. Read on for a few simple tips to prioritize keeping your blood pressure low naturally and also being mindful of your friend!

3 Tips for Dining at a Friend’s House When You Have High Blood Pressure

  • Communication: If you know this friend well and feel comfortable doing so, communicate with your friend about your dietary restrictions. It can helpful to explain that you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are trying to eat a low sodium diet. It can be challenging to accommodate low sodium diets, so please give them adequate notice.
  • Bring a Dish: Offer to bring an entree that works for your restrictions. This is one of my favorite tips. I always feel hesitant to ask someone to cook or order a dish just for me. That can be time consuming and expensive. It works out well to tell your friend you have high blood pressure, and that you’re more than happy to bring a low sodium entrée to share. It might also be helpful to ask if your friend is planning on having a fancy, planned out dinner party, so there isn’t the awkward dance at the door about where to put your Hello Kitty dish ware. Haha 😀
  • Eat Less Sodium for the Other Meals That Day: If you don’t feel comfortable letting your host know or bringing your own food, consider adjusting what you eat the rest of the day to accommodate for the extra sodium and/or heart unhealthy fats you might be eating at the party. For example; if you’re going to a dinner party and know you may end up eating some saltier foods, choose something low salt for breakfast and lunch! It’s all about balance, not achieving perfection!

Do you have dietary restrictions, and how do you deal with that when you go over to your friend’s house for a meal?

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

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