Meditative Drawing on a Difficult Day

I went through a painful medical procedure yesterday and am waiting for biopsy results to rule out cancer. Phew. That was difficult and emotional to write. It’s hard to focus today, and I’m worried my blood pressure has been higher than normal due to anxiety. I appreciate having this space to be vulnerable and, thank you for taking the time to read this.

It took some motivation to get off the couch, but I decided to do some meditative drawing to take my mind away from all the negative, unproductive thoughts. For me, when drawing, I focus on making sure my breathing is slow and deep. Also, my drawings tend to have a patterned, repetitive quality to encourage relaxation.

I do feel a bit calmer and centered now. It’s important to have a toolkit of strategies to turn to in times of anxiety. Meditation can be a great way to lower anxiety-induced high blood pressure naturally.

I’ll share my art work below! I was inspired by the beautiful coral in Hawaii from my recent vacation.

What do you do to calm yourself on days when you feel anxious about the future?

Meditative drawing to lower anxiety and blood pressure
Meditative drawing on a stressful day

Artwork by Diana of Heart Happy Adventures. Please credit if used. Thank you!

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