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Almonds, Travel and Blood Pressure

It’s been a fantastic adventure to Honolulu, Hawaii so far! The weather is warm and humid but the constant ocean breeze is delightful and refreshing!

Yesterday, I took a relaxing 30 minute walk to stay consistent with my daily exercise. In my post yesterday, I shared a picture of the beautiful Waimamālo Beach where I took my walk on the pristine beach with emerald blue waters.

The thing about physical activity though, is that it really gets my appetite going! I definitely allow myself to eat some fun local treats. It is a vacation after all! I tried a “malasada” yesterday, and it was incredible. It tastes like a super donut. Haha what’s a super donut you ask? It’s soft, puffy, sweet and has an amazing custard-like texture that you have to try to understand. I believe they are from Portugal originally.

Ok ok back to high blood pressure. So you can see by now that I’m quite the snack monster. What helps is buying some low sodium healthier snacks to keep in my hotel room, so I have a better alternative to turn to! I found a pack of dry roasted unsalted almonds at Whole Foods. I like the resealable bag and that it takes next to no effort to grab a handful to snack on!

Almonds are high in potassium which help lower blood pressure naturally. They have numerous other health benefits, but I’ll reserve the more comprehensive discussion for another day. As I’ve mentioned before, everything in moderation! A handful of the almonds a day is more than adequate. Also, be sure to go for unsalted!

Dry roasted unsalted almonds for lowering blood pressure naturally!

What heart healthy snacks would you recommend when traveling?

Picture taken by Diana of Heart Healthy Adventures

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