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Delicious Low Salt Plant Based Tacos

It’s been a busy day packing for my upcoming vacation tomorrow! Sometimes I just want something quick but healthy. Who am I kidding?! I almost always want to cook something simple, easy and efficient! Hehe. I guess I just don’t always have patience to hang out in the kitchen for too long.

So today, I heated up a can of no salt added canellini beans and served them on oven warmed corn tortillas from Trader Joe’s. Toppings included no salt added scrambled eggs cooked in avocado oil, diced avocados, and raw watercress (a peppery tasting delicious veggie). On the side, I cut up a yellow bell pepper and served it as is! I allowed just 2 small spoonfuls of salsa from a jar. (Be sure to read the nutrional label so you know how much sodium you’re consuming).

Ta da! That’s it! It’s not fancy but it’s easy, low sodium, low fat, packed with nutrients: basically a great go-to heart healthy meal!

Thanks for joining me on this journey to lower blood pressure naturally! Hope you enjoyed reading about this simple and healthy meal idea!

Low salt tacos for a heart healthy diet

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