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Meditative Drawing on a Stressful Day

Recently, my anxiety has been rather high. I have a medical test scheduled in a week, and I’ve been feeling random bouts of increased anxiety. Well, I guess it’s not random! I’m nervous about this particular test and can’t wait for it to be over. As I discussed in my first post about mental health, I mentioned the relationship between mental health and its effects on blood pressure. For those of us living with more intense and frequent bouts of anxiety, it’s good to find strategies to lower blood pressure during those moments.

Today, I forced myself to sit down for 15 minutes before making dinner to do my weekly meditative drawing. You can see my first doodle for this blog here! Different strategies work for each person, but for me, producing some art (especially repetitive patterns) lowers my heart rate and blood pressure. I’m not saying it’s a long term fix, but it can be helpful with anxiety induced hypertension as a natural way to lower the blood pressure. Try to not talk and listen to some relaxing music! I’m not trying to be an artist, but it is interesting to explore how anxiety and mental health can be soothed with one’s creative side.

Here’s my doodle from today! Does drawing, painting, or any other creative arts help calm and center you when you are feeling stressed or anxious? Would love to hear what you do!

meditation lower blood pressure naturally
Meditative drawing can help to naturally lower blood pressure due to anxiety

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  1. Sounds intreresting! I like drawing and painting and it was my hobby at younger. Actually that’s right, sometimes painting really can be like therapy. When I was broken I was creative and could used it as therapy when painted.

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