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Easy Heart Healthy Recipe for Lunch

Have you ever noticed how complicated some recipes can be? Do you want to work on eating more heart healthy, low salt, and low fat but you’re not into super time consuming fancy recipes? Yeah, that’s me too. Hey! If there’s time on the weekend, I’m happy to try my hand at more complex recipes. However, on a day to day basis, I focus on making meals that are: Easy and fairly quick, low salt and low fat, and tastes pretty good. Oh! I also need it to be filling enough, because let’s be real; if it’s a small bowl of lettuce, I’m probably gonna end up going out to buy a salty slice of pizza later.

Being realistic about what you need to feel satisfied and then modifying that to make it healthier is a great start to lowering blood pressure naturally through diet and cooking.

Cooking Tip: Dilute or water down store bought sauces with low sodium or no sodium chicken/veggie broth. It’s not always easy to find a no salt broth but if you can, stock up on those cartons! They are very helpful. When you are selecting store bought sauces, try to go for the lower salt content ones (check the nutritional label) and also avoid ones with lots of artificial ingredients. Why dilute with broth? Because it lowers the salt content but still retains a lot of flavor. Who doesn’t love flavor!?

Here’s how I made today’s lunch:

Tofu and Vegetables in Teriyaki Sauce with steamed carrots


  • Brown rice or white rice
  • Zucchini
  • Asparagus
  • Mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • Firm tofu
  • Teriyaki sauce from a bottle
  • Garlic granules
  • Low or no salt veggie or chicken broth


  • Cook enough brown rice or white rice for 2 dinners (I use a Zojirushi rice cooker)
  • Cut carrots into shape of your choice, season with garlic powder or granules. Cook in steamer. It took me about 20 minutes.
  • While carrots are steaming, cook the veggies and tofu (see next steps)
  • In a large pot, wok or frying pan, pour in some low salt or no salt broth and bring to a simmer. How much? Enough so the veggies have liquid to cook in and also you’ll have some left to combine with the teriyaki. Not so much that you’re making a soup. Remember you can always add more broth if necessary!
  • Add and stir in teriyaki sauce. Read the nutritional label and add amount depending on how much sodium you want to consume each day. I try to keep my intake under 2000mg daily.
  • Add diced tofu and veggies. Cook at a simmer until tofu is hot and veggies are to your desired softness.
  • Serve teriyaki veggies and tofu over white rice with steamed garlic carrots.
  • Pack up leftovers for easing serving the next day.

You’ll notice I didn’t give you specific amounts for anything. That’s because the answer is it’s flexible depending on your taste preferences and sodium goals. Also, I hate washing measuring spoons and who am I to tell you what shape to cut your veggies!? 🤣

You can honestly also sub any type of vegetables that you’d enjoy with tofu and teriyaki sauce. Don’t overthink it. Don’t stress too hard. Lowering blood pressure naturally by cooking well has a lot to do with consistency. It’s hard to keep up with recipes that have 20 steps and obscure spices that I have to buy just for the recipe. Maybe that’s just me. Don’t go for perfection. Pat yourself on the back for making this effort!

Hope this was helpful! Would love to hear what heart healthy meal you made today!

Low fat low sodium low salt easy and tasty recipe with vegetables and tofu
One bowl for today! One bowl for tomorrow!

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