Art, Meditation, and Lower Blood Pressure

In my last post, I talked about having a “tool kit” to manage anxiety and improve mental health. Why is it relevant? Being in better mental state can decrease hormones and lower blood pressure naturally. What is a tool kit? It’s a set of go-to strategies that you have built over time to manage your mental health.

I’ll be honest: last weekend was a bit rough. It was Mother’s Day here in the United States and there were many reminders of how much I miss my mom. She passed from an intense battle with cancer years ago, but the grief still comes and goes. Some days I feel a heightened sense of anxiety, anger and despair as I think about aging and the hurdles to come. I can almost feel my blood pressure popping up as I ruminate on these thoughts.

Reaching deep into my mental health toolkit, I decided to do some doodling today! I’ve been drawing and doodling non-stop since I was a little kid; mostly to escape from family drama.

I didn’t know until recently that “meditative drawing” is actually a term! When I draw, my anxious energy is channeled to a focused, creative and calmer place. My frustrations are translated into splashes of color and vivid shapes. The result? I’m much calmer and my blood pressure is lower. Yay for my organs!

Here’s what I doodled today! I used an iPad and the Apple Pencil. Have you used the arts to help with your anxiety before? What kind of arts do you enjoy?

Creative arts such as meditative drawing can help lower anxiety and blood pressure naturally! How fun and helpful!
Hand-drawn on iPad with Apple Pencil

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