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Spices and Low Salt Cooking to Lower Blood Pressure

If you eat out a lot, you’ll notice that a lot of food is drenched in sauce. What’s in the sauce? Ummm.. I’m not sure but more than likely, there is tons of added salt in it. By now you’ve probably already heard that you need to cut your salt intake to lower blood pressure. How can you flavor food without using that salt shaker? How can you make food taste interesting and good with less salt? When I started changing the way I cook at home, it was both a frustrating and rewarding journey to figure out what what are some other ways to season food.

The good news is: there are definitely spice blends out there that have no added salt. How do you know if there is salt added to the blend? I definitely advise getting into the habit of reading the nutrition label. I simply look at the list of ingredients to see if I can find the word “salt”. Also, just as a personal preference, I like spice blends that don’t have other chemicals/additives/salt substitutes.

Here are the ingredients for the 2 spice blends that you see above. I use thes 2 quite a bit when I season chicken, fish or tofu when sautéing! Yum!

The one on the left is the Simply Organic Five Spice Powder. It doesn’t take much to add a kick of unique flavor; often goes well with more Asian cuisine themed meals. I sprinkled some on roasted chicken breast and served it with some steamed bokchoy and white rice. I bought it on Amazon but since the price there can fluctuate a lot, you can also check their main company site here!

The one on the right is the Penzeys Spices Bangkok Blend. I love mixing a small amount with some no salt added Penzeys Hot Curry Powder and blend in some olive oil and minced garlic. Use it to season chickpeas or garbanzo beans and then serve over brown rice for a delicious, high fiber, heart healthy meal! It can take time to find a blend that you adore but Penzeys has some great stuff!

P.S. Yeah I know, these spice blends can be a bit pricey. I will say it doesn’t take much to add flavor and you can definitely combine it with other ingredients such as low sodium chicken or veggie broth to create sauces.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy cooking! Have you found some interesting, no salt added spice blends?

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